Becky Levi and Mike Vanier, Jeremy Freeze

Becky Levi and Mike Vanier

Jeremy Freeze

Fri · April 27 2018

8:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Becky Levi and Mike Vanier
Becky Levi and Mike Vanier
Becky and Mike share a love for country music and the transformative power of live shows. Becky, a former rambling woman, studied roots music in Southwestern Virginia and Mali, West Africa. After studying Jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music, Mike found himself drawn to the sounds of acoustic music. The two native South Side Chicagoans teamed up with Dan Ingenthrone on Bass Guitar and Mike Holtz on the drum kit to create an Indi Americana sound that will make you feel your feelings.
Jeremy Freeze
Jeremy Freeze
“Former Jerusalem and the Starbaskets frontman and current CAVE guitarist Jeremy Freeze recently signed a multi-deal with Manic Static for undisclosed amount. Although Freeze reportedly spent the advance on unpaid parking tickets, a collection of every episode of Simon & Simon on beta tape, and a kimono from the personal dojo of Ronnie James Dio, he managed to eek out an album on virtually no budget. And Breaking the Skin—the first album under his own name since the demos he recored for 415 Records—is a unlikely success. With production from fellow CAVE dweller and Bitchin’ Baja Cooper Crain, the album toes the line between lo-fi scuzz and AM warmth. Freeze plays virtually every instrument on the record, but there are some key guest appearances, like when virtuoso Jim Becker channels Prince on the demon-expelling standout cut ‘Run to You.’ Hopefully, there will be more releases like this, and Manic Static won’t go the way of Creation Records.” — Gregg Klot

Cooper Crain-drums
Michelle Hartney-keys
Jonas Weir-bass
Jim Becker-guitar/vox
Venue Information:
The Hungry Brain
2319 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL, 60618