Minor Moon, Luke Henry

Minor Moon

Luke Henry

Sat · February 3 2018

8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Minor Moon
Minor Moon
“It’s Okay,” the forthcoming single from Minor Moon, is an exploration of detachment: a song packed with the existential dread resulting from a life oversaturated by the incessant hum of commercial media. “I can be very cynical and take a dark view of things,” singer/songwriter Sam Cantor says, “but that cynicism is rooted so much in a desire for hope and for a better world – you have to acknowledge the pain of that cynicism.”

“It’s Okay” sees Cantor delivering aesthetic ease with thematic tension. Wrangling a range of influences into something indefinable and complex, Minor Moon puts forth a hopeful effort, featuring vocals sung softly over melodic piano and guitar lines that ebb and flow in trembling refrains and precipitous chord changes.

Below the surface, it's a song that freely advertises Cantor’s disillusion –and vague sense of impending dread – while acknowledging at the same time a need to be mindful of his own flaws and engage with difficult situations without seeking an easy escape. Concerning itself with technological domination, mind corruption, and alienation from one's surroundings, the song, true to intent, nonetheless reminds us that even our most futile attempts at self-soothing, like saying it's okay when it's not, reveal a very authentic desire to affirm and survive - even when we may not know how to.

Since their inception in 2015, Minor Moon has released a full-length record, a five-song EP and played nearly a hundred shows. The band features Cantor, Nathan Bojko, Michael Downing and Colin Drozdoff.
Luke Henry
Luke Henry
Luke Henry crafts pleasing, psychedelic pop tunes with folk inflections -- tunes that dig deep into interior lands both real and imagined. Luke began the journey of songwriting by imitating his grandmother's voice who hailed from Texas and Oklahoma and loved gospel. His lyrical content however will take you into a dream-scape that can be both dark and light. The addition of his lap-steel guitar drips it all in syrupy sound.

Luke's latest release "Luke Henry & Hunnybear Vol. 1" is a journey into 70s southern-tinged glam rock. Self-engineered on his old 8 track reel-to-reel in his basement, Luke built the base of the track with drummer Steven Rutledge adding overdubs dubs himself but using his friends/bandmates around him to fill in the blanks. The live iteration of Hunnybear has featured a cast of rotating well listened local artists (The Walters, Yoko & The Oh-Nos, Gnar Wave Rangers) The result is a cohesive yet multitudinous group that thrives on variety. The band's works are upbeat, often swelling into pulsating peaks -- yet contemplative and timelessly transcendent of style. Hearing Hunnybear is like reconnecting with a dear old friend, even upon first listen.
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