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Fri ยท April 5 2019

9:00 pm


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Cordoba is a jazz fusion sextet from Chicago. They combine jazz improvisation with the contemporary sounds of hip-hop, soul, and rock. Syncopations, harmonic tension, soaring melodies, and liberated extemporizations are reflections on their relationship with Chicago. How can such a wealthy city fail to provide for so many of its residents? How can a place that produces such amazing art and culture be plagued with such violence? Must a city with such diversity also suffer from so much inequality? How can the wonderful communities in Chicago stave off the isolation so many feel in the modern world? Their new music video for their song "Shut It Down" is out now.
Regarding 'Bummerpop Vol.2' and live Wavy:

"At the time, the local [music] scene just wasn't sexy to me. Too loud, too aggressive. I sought to convey the opposite sentiment- something delicate and sensual. [Bummerpop Vol.2] is a sort of mating call... A plea for tenderness, of ideal romance, told by a stoned and lonely narrator, desperate for affection, yearning to be seductive, caught up in self-awareness. It's sex music, basically *laughs*. A wet dream. Delightfully tacky, yet refined. The live set amplifies that energy. It bangs gently. Kinda like if Connan Mockasin and D'Angelo were faking jazz together. I get to use autotune, and I get to dance onstage. The show can get very intimate. People seem to enjoy that."

-Adam LP of Wavy ID
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Hungry Brain
2319 W. Belmont
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