Fri · March 30 2018

8:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

GRID is Matt Nelson (Battle Trance; Tune-Yards) on saxophone, Tim Dahl (Lydia Lunch Retrovirus; Child Abuse) on bass, and Nick Podgurski (New Firmament; Feast of the Epiphany) on drums. Despite the trio formation and the individual players’ varying backgrounds with jazz, the GRID sound takes a plunge toward the darker, heavier, and more psychedelic realms of improvised music. While undoubtedly harnessing the clamorous spirit of free jazz, the trio ventures beyond its acoustic borders, cleverly implementing electronic processing as well as dirge-like tempos that draw upon the slow-burning qualities of Doom and Drone for inspiration. This show marks their Chicago debut.

For a trio, GRID certainly contains a fair amount of underground music pedigree among its ranks. Staffed by saxophonist Matt Nelson (Battle Trance; Tune-Yards), bassist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse; Lydia Lunch) and drummer Nick Podgurski (New Firmament; Feast of the Epiphany), the trio bring a slew of musical influences to the table for a debut rife with reckless experimentation. Though this may sounds like a critique, let me assure you this headstrong, carefree attitude pays off in dividends, as the group build a brash free jazz foundation and paint it with striking hues of doom, noise and sludge, making the fictional-sounding label of “doom jazz” sound like a more than an appropriate descriptor. Of all the more traditionally-staffed free jazz I’ve heard this year, GRID came out as a clear leader of the pack, due in no small part to it’s unflinching dedication to extrapolating as much chaos from their instruments as humanly possible. It’s often difficult for younger bands find a unique voice this early in their career, but GRID isn’t like most debuts, or albums in general for that matter. There’s still so much more potential for this trio to realize, and given what they’ve presented thus far, we have good reason to wait for a follow-up with bated breath. - Heavy Blog Is Heavy Best of 2017
Venue Information:
Hungry Brain
2319 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL, 60618