The Silver Hour // 1 foot IN 1 foot OUT

The Silver Hour // 1 foot IN 1 foot OUT

Ages 21+
The Silver Hour // 1 foot IN 1 foot OUT at Hungry Brain

9PM // $10 // 21+

The Silver Hour is an evolving performance project that brings together songwriting, improvisation and lighting design; drawing influence from ambient music, jazz, experimental classical, folk, contemporary circus and spectacle. It is a piece inspired by moments of impermanent beauty and the beauty of impermanence. Arrangements include voice, strings, horns, percussion and electronics.

1 Foot IN / 1 Foot OUT

Is an electronic rock group exploring the experience of reality from two perspectives...

The 3-Dimensional physical space and the ethereal realm. We explore the divide between default reality and the subtle psychological sphere; joining the divide between the soul and the world.

We explore the breadth of human emotion. Imagine the fire of connection to a human that makes your cells dance.

This band nurtures valor and the trust in our power to persevere through darkness. We invite you to look around with us as we walk through midnight and instead...enjoy its sights.

Facebook: @1footin.1footout

Instagram: @1footin.1footout

Venue Information:
Hungry Brain
2319 W Belmont
Chicago, IL, 60618