Story Club

Story Club

Ages 21+
The goal of Story Club is to mix the spontaneity of an open mic with the experience of live theater.

Story Club North Side

Theme: Un/Grateful

THURSDAY, November 7th

Hungry Brain 2319 W. Belmont

Doors/Open Mic Sign-up: 7:30pm

Show: 8:00pm

You did it for them.

They did it for you.

You said something.

They didn't.

Or you forgot.(You really meant to, but life just has a way of getting in the way.)

We are all obliged to hundreds we don't express it to, and we have another thousand we're forced to smile at and praise.

So we're sending the real handwritten notes in November by spilling the well-recognized and the unrequited, the demanded and the unrequired.

This month, Story Club North Side is all about the mad gratitude, the thanks we forgot to bestow, and the nods we never got. So this THURSDAY, come share the given, the taken away, the one-upped, and the never acknowledged straight into the mic with us at Story Club North Side, “Un/Grateful,” where we burn our vision boards with Ana Diaz, Zachary Dixon, and Karen Clanton.

And if you want to grace us with a tale of kind contributions or unappreciated support, sign up for an Open Mic spot with our host. (And if you sign up, you can tell anything at all, since Open Mic slots don’t have to be on-theme!) As always, a portion of our donations will be supporting an organization that’s making the world better and better. Story Club North Side is produced and hosted by Stephanie Douglass.

Venue Information:
Hungry Brain
2319 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL, 60618