Steve Sloane, Waltzer

Steve Sloane


Ages 21+
Steve Sloane, Waltzer

Steve Sloane is a singer-songwriter from Toronto. His 2019 release, ”Near Death”, is a sobering collection of raw and vulnerable songs written after intervening in a robbery that lead to his assault and forcible confinement in a stolen car. This is achingly immediate and bittersweet music that couldn’t be more true, and couldn’t be more vital to the journey of understanding and learning to live with trauma.

Rock and Roll you can dance/cry to - Waltzer is inspired by her hometown inside the suburban swamps of South Florida. Now with the help of some locals she's ready to merge into the Midwest scene like an alligator poppin' out a sewage pipe into Lake Michigan. Confused and Hungry.

Venue Information:
Hungry Brain
2319 W Belmont
Chicago, IL, 60618