Slow Planes // The Pillowhammer

Slow Planes // The Pillowhammer

Ages 21+
9pm // FREE! // 21+

Slow Planes

Slow Planes are wind-caught in the dark skies of folk, post rock and compositional minimalism. The current line up of Nick Barnett, Timothy Breen, Conor Harvey, Ron Kurek, and David Strand have driven the bands newly arranged material towards the dramatic, harnessing color and texture in a rhythmic lo-fi microtonality. With Breen’s sparse abstract lyrics painting a lonesome tone poem for an increasingly turbulent earth, the Planes meandering patterns invoke an early music opera set in a moss covered electromagnetic pool."

The Pillowhammer

The Pillowhammer is a warped, maudlin lounge act and should be approached with due caution. Their shambling songs radiate enough bathos to turn any venue into the World's Saddest Airport Bar.

Venue Information:
Hungry Brain
2319 W Belmont

Chicago, IL, 60618