Matt Riggen Quartet and the Gustavo Cortinas group

Matt Riggen Quartet and the Gustavo Cortinas group

Ages 21+
An evening of emerging Jazz talent.

Internationally known for his conducting and composing work with large ensembles and professionally known in Chicago as the Director of Music at Marquette Park, trumpeter Matt Riggen refocuses his lens onto the ever-vital small ensemble format with the Matt Riggen Quartet. Drawing together the American tradition of social protest music, a strong rooting in the new improvised music scene in Chicago, and a truly personal approach to personnel choice, the Matt Riggen Quartet presents a true gestalt—a band more than the sum of its parts.

A graduate of Loyola University New Orleans (BM Jazz, Minor in Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude, 2011), and Northwestern University (MM Jazz, 2013), Gustavo Cortiñas has developed a successful career in the US for over a decade, leading and accompanying ensembles in renowned stages and festivals in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. “Cortiñas' music is uplifting, robust, melodic, and gets your body moving; it's an exciting blend of the artist's musical influences from jazz and Latin American, including his native Mexico" (DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE). This can be heard on his records as a leader, "Snapshot" (2013), "a Smörgåsbord of the moods and nuances that make up the human experience... an idiosyncratic album that intrinsically fuses the personal to the universal" (Lissette Corsa, Jazziz Magazine); and "ESSE" (Origin Arts 2017): "With the cohesive and captivating Esse, Cortiñas has created superb work that balances refreshingly inventive ideas with high-caliber musicianship. This exquisite and continuously gripping record is a testament to Cortiñas’ triple threat of skills as dynamic performer, agile bandleader and brilliant composer." (Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine). During his time in Chicago, Gustavo has become one of the most sought out drummers, performing and recording with Kitt Lyles' Real Talk, Erik Skov's Liminality, Imagery Converter, Emily Kuhn's Helios, Roy McGrath Quaret, and the Carla Campopiano Trio, among other ensembles. Cortiñas is a member of the Chicago Jazz Composer's Collective, performing regularly for their monthly residency at Chicago's very own Green Mill. Currently, with a grant from the Mexican National Endowment of the Arts (FONCA), Gustavo is working on his third and most ambitious project as a leader: a musical journey which traces through thirteen compositions, the poetic and tragic history set by Eduardo Galeano in his book: "The Open Veins of Latin America".

Meghan Stagl - piano and vocals

Katie Ernst - bass and vocals

Erik Skov - guitar

Emily Kuhn - trumpet

Gustavo Cortiñas - drums and cymbals

Venue Information:
Hungry Brain
2319 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL, 60618