A Saturday Night Jubilee

A Saturday Night Jubilee

Ages 21+
8pm // $15 // 21+

Co-presented with Chicago Honky Tonk

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Michelle Billingsley

Michelle Billingsley is a Michigan born, Chicago based Alt-Country songwriter. With an untamed voice and lyrical particularity of a lifelong wallflower, Michelle’s songs are as welcome as that gas station on the late night highway that’s still open. She’ll remind you of an Emmylou that went through the looking glass. Sweet, but off in a way you can’t quite put your finger on.

Her originals are keen and keening, with unsettlingly quiet spaces inviting you to fill in your own blanks. There’s familiar landscapes in her words, but shot with splinters of forgotten bits from dark basements of western, folk, americana, and roots influences. Her debut album, Not The Marrying Kind, will be released in 2020.

Website: www.michellebillingsley.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thingreencandle/

Gin Palace Jesters

Chicago's original Honkytonk Fools, the Gin Palace Jesters are purveyors of the finest in hard hitting Hillbilly, Honky-tonk, Country Boogie and Western Swing. Infused with a deep and sincere fondness for all traditional American musical styles, the sound of the Gin Palace Jesters could best be described as being akin to the sounds of Country Music's golden age of the 1940's-1960's. Although a portion of their live performances come from a vast catalog of the Hillbilly & Country Hit Parade, these boys are not mere followers or imitators as they boast the talent of 4 songwriters that pen original novelty numbers, heartfelt love songs, Honkytonk weepers, drinking songs, dark ballads and instrumentals. Delivering time honored conventional stringed instrumentation and vocal harmony, the Gin Palace Jesters prove that authentic country music is still a valid and vital musical art form in both long established hit songs as well as brand spanking new originals. The Gin Palace Jesters are a true authentic American band often seen holding court where the thrones are bar stools, the lights are made of neon, the holy spirits are served on the rocks, and Hank Williams is King.

Website: www.gin-palace-jesters.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Gin-Palace-Jesters-466526340082190/

Venue Information:
Hungry Brain
2319 W Belmont
Chicago, IL, 60618